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Adding a new e-Newsletter from a template

This process is conducted through The Admin console of iD. You will need to ensure that you are logged into the admin before conducting this process.

  1. To add a new e-Newsletter you must have.gif or .jpg files to upload for the header and banner. See also adding a new e-Newsletter from html

  2. Select Manage Newsletters from the e-Newsletter menu

    Step 2

  3. In the category list, click the applicable category

    Step 3

  4. Click Create Newsletter From Template

    Step 4

  5. To add the e-Newsletter to multiple categories, tick the corresponding checkboxes. These categories will share the same version of the e-Newsletter and any future changes will be reflected in all categories

    Step 5

  6. Click Next to continue

    Step 6

  7. Enter the Details as required:

    • The Title will be the subject of the e-Newsletter which is sent to users. The title will also be displayed on the intranet when users are viewing the list of e-Newsletters they are currently subscribed to, or would like to subscribe to

    • The Description is displayed on the intranet when users are selecting to subscribe to an e-Newsletter. It should describe what the e-Newsletter is, who may be interested in subscribing and / or how often the newsletter is sent

    • The Reply-To Email Address is the address that the e-Newsletter will appear 'From' when sent out

    • Select Allow Signup to allow users to be able to sign up for this e-Newsletter on the intranet. If unticked, the e-Newsletter will only be sent to users who are added to the recipient list

    • Select Include Unsubscribe Link to enable an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the e-Newsletter (Note: regardless of whether you select this checkbox, users can still unsubscribe from the e-Newsletter through the intranet)

    Step 7

  8. Click Next to continue

    Step 8

  9. Select the Template from one of the 8 default templates available

    Step 9

  10. Click Next to continue

    Step 10

  11. To upload a Header Image, click Browse to locate the .gif or .jpg file, click Upload (Note: The size of the header will determine how wide your e-Newsletter will be, the recommended size is 800pixels by 60pixels)

    Step 11

  12. Click Next to continue

    Step 12

  13. The Navigation menu in the e-Newsletter will consist of a list of links to pages on the intranet or external websites. Adding a link in this way allows you to capture statistics about the link's visitation, users will be automatically diverted to the specified link when they visit the link created by Intranet DASHBOARD

    • To add a link to a page, click Add Nav Item. Enter the Name that should be displayed in the navigation menu and the URL it should link to, click OK to save

    • To remove a nav item click the corresponding Delete button

    Step 13

  14. Repeat the above steps until you have added all required nav items

    Step 14

  15. Click Next to continue

    Step 15

  16. To upload a Banner, click Browse to locate the .gif or .jpg file and click Upload, or enter a Link to an existing banner

    Step 16

  17. Click Next to continue

    Step 17

  18. Articles form the main content of a template e-Newsletter. Click Add Article to add an article to your e-Newsletter

    • Enter the Title, By-Line and Summary for the article

    • For the article content, either enter a URL if it is an external article, or enter the Article Text

    • Select Feature Article to highlight the article and make it appear first on your e-Newsletter

    • Click Browse to locate a .jpg or .gif file to use as a thumbnail image for this article

    • Click OK to save

    Step 18

  19. Repeat until you have added all required articles

    Step 19

  20. To add headings to the e-Newsletter click Add Header. Enter the text for the heading, then click OK to save

    Step 20

  21. Repeat until you have added all required headings

    Step 21

  22. The headings and articles can be re-arranged by using the UP and DOWN arrows that correspond to the item you wish to move

    Step 22

  23. Click Next to continue

    Step 23

  24. Enter the Footer Text for the newsletter (eg copyright information, usage requirements, creation date)

    Step 24

  25. Click Next to continue

    Step 25

  26. Review the details, click Back to make changes, or click Finish to save

    Step 26

  27. The e-Newsletter has now been added to the selected category. You can preview the newsletter by clicking the Preview button.

    Step 27

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